My Fitness Fiasco

Did you know that it doesn’t take a personal trainer Newcastle to get into reasonable shape? For a while, I was saving up my money with the hopes of hiring one, only to realize that it was completely unnecessary. Because I was clinching every red cent that I came into contact with, that meant I wasn’t squandering any money on junk food. By eschewing unhealthy foodstuffs during the period in which I had hoped to save up for a trainer, I had wound up reaching my weight loss goal and then some. It just goes to show that just because something has an expensive price tag on it, that doesn’t mean it is necessary to succeed. And with the money I saved while I had hoped to purchase a trainer, I went out and bought a bunch of exercise equipment, which allowed me to increase my weight loss twofold.

The Luxuries of Travel

I’ve been to many places in this world over my many years of travel. From London to Beijing, and Moscow to Pakistan, I have seen many beautiful countries and places. Every place and every country has its own story to tell, its own culture to breathe in for any weary traveler. On all my travels, I have stayed at various hotels, hostels, people’s homes, and in some very rare occasions in the streets. I have even camped out in the wilderness of Alaska. Every adventure had its high points but never have I had the luxury of staying in a hotel, better than the hotels in Dubai. My stay there made me feel as though I was a king. The hospitality is amazing, and the customer service out of this world. I felt very well rested on my way out and would go back in a heartbeat if I had to.

Happy Birthday

“Aaaaaah…” Cynthia gave a satisfying sigh and stretched as she got up off the table. “Oh my gosh I can’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed.” She sighed with a smile.

“See I told you you’d like it.” Melissa said happily.
“What do you say we go get some sake from the bar?”
“Cool.” Melissa said with a smile.

Cynthia and Melissa walked down to the bar giggling and gossiping like they were 10 years younger. Cynthia swirled her sake around in the cup and took a quick sip. She rested her chin on her hand and looked around the The Dragon thai massage Bath Restaurant and Bar. There were many people around chatting and eating.
“I am so glad you took me here Melissa. This is just what I needed. I only wish Jake would be so relaxed instead of talking about his childhood 24/7. Gosh, is he ever going to get over that?”

“Cynthia…” Melissa said.
“I’m okay. This is a happy occasion.”
“You’re right Happy birthday Cynthia.”
Cynthia smiled at Melissa as they raised their glasses in a toast.

I got beat by the heat!

I almost made it through the whole season. There was a heat wave in June and another week at the beginning of August where I almost broke down and bought a new air conditioner, but I decided to persevere. Mine had been on the fritz for awhile and while I obviously prefer the comfort of air conditioning Rochdale in my home, I was also a little lacking in funds. Big mistake.

Last week was the worst yet. Yes, the end of August. I was in the final stretch! I broke down and bought the thing. I have to admit, while my bank account isn’t super thrilled with my decision to make this purchase, and I’m a little upset with myself that I suffered for 3 months for nothing, I am in paradise.

The Cable Guy

Its was a friday afternoon in Detroit, and I was past ready t get off work. I worked for the local cable company, installing cable and everything we required NCR pads, I was glad when my shift was over. After work I would find something to get in, tonight I was going to my boy Marks’ party.

I arrived at the party around 10:30 p.m. and I was ready to party. I walked around back and join the party. I had been there for a while and decided that I was ready to go, When Makelle decided she wanted to dance. Out p nowhere crazy ex-boyfriend Danny to cause trouble. He pulled out a handgun as he toward Makelle and I. He fired two shots at Makelle and one at me. I woke up in the p the next morning an I was told I got shot in stomach. It was a blessing I could have been worse and I could have died.

Bookworms buy a Big Screen

“It looks Brobdingnagian,” I complained, eyeing the monstrosity which would have been at home in giant-land.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” my husband replied. “It looks perfect. If it were made for giants we’d never be able to see more than a corner of it.”

“Fine, it looks like something out of a Bradbury novel.” I countered, since that was the other reference I could think of to large television screens mounted on a wall.

“Now you are being really crazy. High gloss furniture are not going to usher in the fall of the house of books.”

When he put his mind to it, my husband could be more of a bookworm than I was. I sighed and stared at the 52 inch screen hanging in what had been a bare stretch of wall.

“That’s what you think.”

“Nonsense,” he said. “It’s proof we live in the future.”

Bonding with Juggling

My wife and I got divorced when my son was just 3 years old. She was granted custody, and I was able to have him on weekends due to our agreement. While my son and I still had a good relationship, he was definitely more attached to his mother. When Timmy was 10 he attended a birthday party for a friend that had a clown for entertainment. He really got a kick out of the clown. So much so that he told me he wanted to learn how to juggle.

Together, we went to a couple of circus workshops that were offered locally. He was a real natural, and he had a ton of fun while we were together. We attended classes every Sunday, and he looked forward to each week. We continued to go together for a few months, and by the time we were done Timmy was juggling like a pro. Not only could he juggle by himself, but we could juggle as a team like you see at the circus. We continue to seek out fun workshops and programs that we can do together to build our relationship. I can honestly say that because of our first circus themed workshops our relationship has never been stronger.

Surreal Reality

The Midwest carries some pretty strange individuals. Sometimes they are so “carefree” and jaunty that you can almost taste the sarcasm behind their gritty and insensitive smile. One day, you feel completely attached and uninhibited to a friend that you feel you know so well and the next day they are gone from your life. The mental bags are packed and the room in their quaint loft that once had steady, warm, decorative aggregates of voluminous color is forever just a memory in which I will probably never return. I had always wanted to know what a person goes through to allow such behavior. As I travel through my memory of that week, I wonder what they would have done if the same had been done to them. I don’t feel there is any room for individuals like that and I do hope to hear a grieving tale in which they had been shunned just the same.